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"Tough" crab catcher. I believe that most people have this confusion. You must know that the price of king crabs has always been high. If they really use their physique to "bully men and women", why don't humans catch them to eat? This is based on the experience of crab catchers. As one of the "top predators" in the ocean, king crabs are obviously not allowed to be caught by humans like ordinary small fish and shrimp. According to research data, people who fish for king crabs often face huge risks. It is no exaggeration to say that during the crabbing season, a crab catcher loses his life for various reasons in the vicinity of the Bering Strait every week. It turned out that due to the length and physique of the king crab, it was impossible to catch these big guys with ordinary equipment. Fishermen often use steel crab pots to catch king crabs. These crab pots can weigh as much as 300 kilograms. Any improper operation can bring life threatening to the crab catcher..So,how much are alaskan ffxiv spiny king crab?

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Moreover, eating seafood is actually "risky". Nowadays, people are paying more and more attention to their own health, and they may not eat king crabs indiscriminately anymore. Since eating can't save the world, is there any other way? From the point of view of the root cause of the invasion of king crabs, it is caused by the increase in temperature. Therefore, if human beings want to change this status quo, they can only slow down the trend of global warming. Although it is difficult to return to the beginning, as long as the rate of seawater temperature rise is suppressed, the time for these king crabs to "enter the house" will be delayed. . It can be seen that the impact of global warming on the ecology is by no means limited to one aspect, and "terrible disasters" have already occurred in places we can't see. Norway was invaded by king crabs. Due to the difficulty of fishing and the hardship of money, it can only be allowed to flood! King crab is also a relatively well-known seafood, especially in China, it has become a kind of net red seafood, because the emperor is so big now, it makes people feel very enjoyable to look at, and now the more people who like to eat king crab, the more More and more, many Chinese foodies hope that king crabs will invade China, so that they can eat cheap king crabs, but our environment in China is not suitable for the survival of king crabs, but Norwegians, because the invasion of king crabs is very headache , mainly because the fishing of these king crabs is too difficult, which makes it difficult for Norwegians to eat even if they have money, so they can only let them flood..So,how to cook baking king crab on a traeger?

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We all know that king crabs live in cold waters, so China is not suitable for the growth of king crabs. They generally live in the icy seawater of the North Pacific Ocean. In such seawater, the meat of king crabs tastes firm and elastic. Tooth, the taste is very good, so many people like to eat it, and the meat of the king crab has a sweet taste, but the main food is his legs, regardless of how big his shell is, but the inside is actually There is no meat at all. Although many people like to eat king shrimp, it is an invasive species in Norway, and it is still proliferating in Norway. It is not that Norwegians do not like to eat it, but because the fishing difficulty is too great, because king crabs grow In this place, the sea water is too cold, and it is not easy to catch fish, so it can only be allowed to flood. Even if you are rich, it is difficult to eat local king crabs. Seeing this, Chinese foodies feel very anxious..So,what does a pound of costco king crab box look like?

If it is in China, no matter how bad the environment is, they can't flood. The reason why king crabs can flood in Norway is because they have no natural enemies locally, and they can't catch them. The place where they live , the environment is particularly harsh, the days available for fishing are very short each year, and it is not easy to locate the king crabs that live in groups in the vast sea. In addition, the cost of transportation is too high. The taste of live king crabs is the best, and they generally live in cold waters, the temperature should not be too high, and it is very troublesome to avoid them squeezing each other, so Norway People can only let them flood. Today, in the Norwegian waters, king crabs are still flooding. What do you think of this? Return to Sohu, see more.

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